Experienced Backend Developer and Computer Scientist with a BSc. in Applied Mathematics

About Nazar

He's taking over the heavy lifting in the backend and infrastructure. Specialized in development and architecting big high loaded applications. His favorite technologies are NestJS and AWS CloudNative services.


Nazar's project portfolio is spread across multiple verticals. Please find a list of selected contributions in the following:

  • NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network.
  • Backend of parking reservation and rental application.
  • Development of a service for calculating the risk of developing cancer
  • System to sell online language courses and manage referrals.
  • A high-quality video streaming service with a combination of music sharing and playback features and ongoing interactions between musicians and fans.
  • E-banking mobile application that includes features like opening an account, easy ways to replenish, control the total amount of the wallet in different currencies, accepting and sending payments, secure purchases and cash withdrawals.
  • A marketing resource for attracting to an online course through a telegram bot.

Tools in his pocket

JavaScript, Typescript, Python, Linux, Docker, Git, Redmine, R, Postgres, Redis, ReactJS, NodeJS, ExpressJS, NestJS, AWS Lambda, Serverless, DynamoDB, S3, Cloudflare, Elasticsearch, SQS, SNS, Webpack, CloudFormation, Socket.IO, Loggly, etc.