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From idea to prototype to product.
You dream it, we build it.

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Top Technology

Yet another software agency? Definitely not!
We use a cutting-edge technology stack to craft high-end software.
Every hour of shaping your product has a purpose, a ticket, a more in-depth meaning, and is tracked.
Our team has a unique experience in IT services for Web, Mobile, Desktop, AI, and Augmented Reality, covering all stages of the software product lifecycle.

About us

Why work with us?

User-centered software development meets reliability and sustainability.


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Our Services

We assist throughout the whole software lifecycle

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We're experts in UX, AI, XR and highly scalable software development and willing to frame a workshop for your individual needs.

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AI in Business

We tailor the latest generative AI services (Gemini, OpenAI) to your business needs. Learn more

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User-Centered Design

From Interviews to Usability Tests, we help you understand the needs of your users to switch to data-driven decision making.

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The implementation of a proof of concept, a prototype, an MVP, or selected features in the frontend or backend.
We're here to help.

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We may frame medical research topics to have a scientific look at the challenges in data processing, UX, and AI.

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Product Ownership

We assist as intermediate technical Product Owner to better understand stakeholders and technologies.

Hear what our customers say

“Timely, reliable implementation, highly competent staff, value-adding IT solutions combined with friendly communication. For me, the right partner for the current project and certainly also for other future visions and projects.”

The early stage of medical applications are demanding, but also set the foundation for all future product and tech decisions. HEPIUS assisted in condensed and intense workshops.

Bettina Stelzhammer MSc. Biomed BEST

“Thanks for helping me understand the tools and skills needed to kick-start my doctor's office. I appreciate the feedback on my tech ideas.”

In constructive on-site meetings, we were able to shortlist everything needed to build up a personal brand but also  brainstormed about the future benefits of high-tech in orthopedics.

Dr. M. Moursy, Orthopedist, shoulder and elbow surgeon

“Technical Advice at its best! For non-techies like us, it was perfect to have someone translating the IT world into tangible words.”

In the context of a relaunch, we assisted on the system architecture design, so that the jewelry sales and marketing could act independent of the envisioned high-end software product.

Jonas Georg Lamprecht, CEO at STILAMI

“In the early stages of my practice, they helped me with the logo, business cards, website and choosing the right cloud software for patient management.”

In a few sessions, we were able to identify the needs and wishes to then derive a concrete action plan.

Dr. Christiane Schönsleben, Psychiatrist from Salzburg

“Thanks for delivering the cross-platform tool with minimum effort! It helped us to save time and money.”

A small tool was needed to handle precious operational routines. Thanks to "Flutter", the application was easily built and maintained for desktop and mobile devices.

M.Sc. Florian Pöhr, CEO at Nomapo

“Their experience in Augmented Reality and System Architecture contributed a lot to the success of the European research project.”

During an EU funded project about 3D reconstruction, our founder was Integration Manager, connecting the dots between research, prototyping, and product development.

Rupert Harris, CEO at AVM London

“I was searching for advice on an idea for a start-up. Their in-depth knowledge helped me understand the necessary steps and set realistic goals.”

After a few sessions, we were able to understand the purpose and target audience of the product and highlighted the need for a solid milestone and a co-founder.

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Marcus, Soon-to-be Founder, Munich