From Idea to Prototype to Product

No matter what you plan to do, we help you to transform it into sustainable software.

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We're experts in UX, AI, XR and highly scalable software development, willing to frame a workshop for your individual needs.
We aggregate the different implementation options in a report to help you understand how to plan and position your product.

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AI for Corporates

We specialize in transforming your digital landscape through cutting-edge services including AI agents, process automation, and comprehensive data analysis and presentation. Discover how our expertise can propel your business into the future.
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User-Centered Design

From Interviews to Usability Tests, we help you understand the needs of your stakeholders in more detail to derive data-driven decisions.
Design Thinking is a modern but underestimated principle. We know the importance of UX and emphasize its relevance in projects of all sizes.

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The implementation of a Proof of Concept, a prototype, an MVP, or selected frontend or backend modules.
We're here to help you to develop sustainable software that fits your needs. Although Flutter and Amazon Web Services (AWS) build up our preferred tech-stack, we can switch frameworks and providers easily.

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To overcome challenges in UX, AI, and XR — especially in the medical field — we may frame a research topic around your subject.
This could be a Whitepaper, a Case Study, or a Journal Paper in Medical Sciences.

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Product Ownership

Particularly during the first stages of a project and product, it is vital to deeply understand stakeholders and technology constraints. We may assist as intermediate technical Product Owner or CTO.