Founder of HEPIUS, Computer Scientist, XR Pioneer, AI Enthusiast, PhD Candidate Medical Science

About Andreas Fötschl

Andreas loves translating ideas into tech and is passionate about user-centered software development. He is interested in mobile apps, augmented reality, and UX methodologies and studied Computer Science (MSc. & Bakk. techn.) in Salzburg, Austria. Since 2019 he entered the medical field and is a Ph.D. Candidate of Medical Science.


Highly scalable software development, usability, and technical Product Ownership are in Andreas' comfort zone.

  • Co-Development of Wikitude - World's first AR Browser, acquired by Qualcomm in 2021
    Joined the team as first employee and evolved from Android Developer to Director of Solution Architecture for numerous projects with fortune500 companies
  • Product Owner at – Working on ML and AI in medicine since 2006
    Joined the outstanding team for 2 years as Chief Product Officer to manage the relaunch of the flagship product and assist in the MDR certification process.
  • Startup Mentor at Salzburg Startup Factory – Helping Startups to launch their product
    Volunteer since 2021 to help startups launch their rockets.
  • AI Enthusiast – Believer in Generative AI and Image analysis
    Experience in OpenAI, Claude, d-id, and Midjourney prototyping since 2022.
  • Full-stack with DevOps experience
    Passionate fan of TypeScript, Serverless, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC);

Tools in his pocket

NodeJS, TypeScript, Android, IaC, Serverless, Java, Python, API, Webflow, Prototyping, Design Thinking, QMS