Frontend Team Lead, Experienced Flutter Engineer, AWS Enthusiast

About Alex

Alex is our most experienced frontend engineer. Hence, he triages frontend heavy projects and acts as coordinator and sparring partner within the frontend team. He is in close contact with the project management and design team to ensure all expectations are met.


His project portfolio is both heterogeneous and international. Please find a list of selected contributions in the following:

  • Development of application with exercises for people with communication and pronunciation handicaps
  • Implementation of a podcast application with advanced streaming and authentication features
  • Word Quiz application
  • Well-established Soccer Team Training, Tracking, and monitoring application with social media features
  • CRM for commercial real estate
  • Meditation Application with tailored music playlists
  • Lifestyle application for breathing exercises

Tools in his pocket

Flutter, Dart, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, Android Studio, XCode, VSCode, Google Developers Console, Git flow, Firebase, Hive, SQLite, Shared Preferences, etc.